Club Contacts

Committee Roles:


Chairperson                              Melvin Hart



Club Secretary                          Mandy Blizard              07793 560698 



Treasurer                                   Liz Parker



Welfare Officer                          Karen Westwood



President                                       Dave Marsh


Grant / Fundraising                    Sarah Higgins


Workforce Coordinator             Jenny Powell



Helen Pordage

Membership Secretary               Helen Pordage


Swim Mark Co-ordinator                Zadia Sarwar


Masters Swimming Rep           Jenny Powell

Parent / Swimmer liaisons     Marie Sargeant and Cheryl Gibbons



None Committee Roles:

Social Committee – Cher Jones, Ada Cox

Helen Pordage

Head Coach                             Helen Pordage





Senior Instructor                        Mandy Blizard


Website                                    Mandy Blizard

General Help/advice

For All general enquiries      All enquiries regarding club matters should be addressed to the Club Secretary.  Many thanks.


Train Together, Win Together, Have FUN Together