Monday Widths Swimmers

Please don’t assume we can fit you in at another session – a lot of our sessions are currently full. If you would like to swim on an alternative day please ask – we may be able to help 🙂 Either use the contact us option on this site, or text Mandy on 07793 560698 […]

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Mercian League Round One – Well That was an Adventure!

Saturday night was the first round of this year’s Mercian League, held at Solihull’s Tudor Grange swimming baths. Not a long journey for a Saturday night gala – except half of the Beeches swimmers, including coach Simon Hughes, were stuck on the M42 for two hours following an accident on there! So the gala didn’t […]


Pro Swimwear – 10% off this weekend

Hello from ProSwimwear! I would like to inform you that we’ve got 10% off all items this weekend and thought I should email you personally. Our swimming clubs are really important to us and we’re going to be working with you more than before to help give you the right deals/offers for your club and members.  […]


Width Swimmers

If you wish your child to swim on a different night, please check with the club first, as most sessions are quite full. Please email Mandy if you need any more information – thank you.

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Beeches Bonus Ball? Why not have a Bounce!

The Beeches 100 Club (affectionately known as the Bonus Ball) is run to help you win some money each month, whilst helping the club raise some valuable funds. For £4 a month, you will ‘own’ one number in the monthly draw. Each month half of the takings are given to the club, the other half […]