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Monday, 5 March 2018

Ricks Four Way English Channel Relay Swim


 Big Ricks Swim Team 

Four  Way English Channel Swim 2018 .

Ricks Swim team are  attempting a quadruple swim of The English Channel… 

if successful we will be the third team in History to ever complete  this epic swim and

  the first ever team from Great Britain and Europe to do so …

It is not just the distance – 136 km or 84.5 miles 

( the swim could be double this distance due to the Channel Tides)    

that presents a substantial obstacle, but also the tidal changes,

 cold water, jellyfish,  probably at least two full nights swims ..

after all that lets not forget 

we are swimming across the busiest Shipping lane in the world,

not once but four times ..

Big Ricks  attempt of a non-stop quadruple crossing of the English Channel 

– is expected to take two days and nights – 

and will occur within between  September 2nd to 8th 2018   .

it Should be a fun 48 hours .!!!!’

This was Big Ricks English Channel Anthem 

on our 1st Ever Channel swim in 2011 ..

sounds as good today as ever .#RicksFourWay

#TakeMeDownToTheEnglishChannel..By #FrankTurner…!

Please don`t forget we are attempting to be the 1st team from Great Britain to complete a quadruple English Channel Swim . its never been attempted before by the Brits .. everyone is saying Four Way …? NO WAY …you are crazy to even attempted it ……

we are going to  need as much help and support as we possible can for this One Off swim .. if  you want to get on board and support Ricks in anyway shape or form please contacts us on ….

wish us luck ….Ricks ….. 

for more information , pictures , Video over the coming months check out Ricks FaceBook team page 


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