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Update 15/07/13

They did it – Two way swim of the Chanel!!!


Pip`s 2 Way English Channel Swimming Team  2013
Paul & Richard, Rob, Darran, Stuart & Gard
 on the 15th July 2013…
in a time 20hrs 40mins..!!
“”officially “”

Update 26/06

Many people ask why we are doing a double channel swim again , after last years attempted ended so badly, lets be honest it was bloody scary towards the end ..! this is why, by swimming we still think we can make a difference ,no matter how small that difference might be , swimming can help save lives, we are sure of it..@Breakthrough Breast Cancer Find out more here:

Update – 2 way channel swim 2013

The Re-Match is on..!
The Challenge –  A 2 Way Swim Of The English Channel.
The Date – 14th July to 19th July 2013
The Charity Breast Cancer Awareness 

We crashed and burned only half a mile from finishing the double in 2012..

The Question is, can we put that right and make it 2013..????…

YOU BET WE CAN……………….!

Link to Ricks Blog below

Pips channel team

Read why we decided after lasts years horror swim, to try once again to join of only a handful of teams ever to attempt

And complete a 2 way swim of the English Channel…  

..(Simply click the link, or copy and paste it into your address bar)

We still hear the Words of our Pilot Fred  after we finally arrived back in Folkestone harbour  around 4 am some 26 hours after we left.. ..Well Lads you did okay, you almost made it, i know you are down and disappointed now, but that’s channel swimming for you…Every day is different..!! , Every day brings a new challenge!

If it was easy everyone would be doing it…! just be glad your safe and well and able to try again.!! 


And Try Again we are…



Best wishes.

Paul and Pips Channel Team

Big Ricks Swim Team-Swim For  your Heart 2013



Big Ricks did attempt their two way Channel crossing in 2012, and after swimming for 22 hours and 36 minutes, the English weather beat them – with less than 1 mile left to swim, they had to call it off. Beeches are very proud of the Big Ricks team, and fully support them in all their efforts yesterday and in the future. WELL DONE BIG RICKS. Please :

Click here for the blog, and click here to sponser them.

Every penny helps the British Heart Foundation and Breast Cancer Research.

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