Arena League Round 3 at Wombourne 9th December 2017

Big well done to all who took part in Saturday’s round 3 of the National Arena League.

Coming second on the night to Kingsbury, the team fought well for every point.

It was a bitterly cold night, but at least the snow managed to stay away until after the gala had finished and we had all travelled home!

First places on the night went to: The girls 9-11 Freestyle relay team (Lottie Coley, Carys Higgins, Kadejha Cox and Tegan Nolan); the girls 13/under medley relay team (Catrise Hart, Trearna Hart, Becky Gulliver and Sophia Deans); The girls 15/under Freestyle relay (Vicky Cox, Ella Davies, Trearna Hart and Becky Gulliver); Becky Gulliver (girls 15/under Backstroke); Katie Gulliver (Open ladies Butterfly); Catrise Hart (girls 13/under backstroke); Jamie Keyte (Open men’s backstroke and Open men’s freestyle); Sophia Deans (15/under girls Breaststroke); The girls 13/under freestyle relay (Trearna Hart, Catrise Hart, Sophia Deans and Becky Gulliver); The ladies 6 by 2 freestyle relay (Katie Gulliver, Becky Gulliver, Sophia Deans, Vicky Cox, Catrise Hart, Trearna Hart); The Men’s 6 by 2 freestyle relay team (Drew Rimmer, Stuart Fuller, Steve Dunn, Dean Roberts, Harvey Higgins and Jamie Keyte).

Other top 3 finishers on the night were: Jamie Keyte (2nd 200 IM); the 11/under boys freestyle relay team 3rd (Mason Carless, Joel Harris, Jacob Dunn and Metin Ulukus); the boys 13/under medley relay team 3rd (Ellison Hart, Harvey Higgins, Lewis Carless and Vinaye Gaddu); the open boys medley relay team 3rd (Jamie Keyte, Stuart Fuller, Drew Rimmer and Steve Dunn); The open ladies medley relay team 3rd (Catrise Hart, Sophia Deans, Katie Gulliver and Becky Gulliver); Carys Higgins (3rd 11/under backstroke and 2nd 11/under Butterfly and 3rd 15/under 100 Butterfly); Jacob Dunn (2nd 11/under boys backstroke); Sophia Deans (2nd 13/under Breaststroke); Harvey Higgins (2nd 13/under Breaststroke and 2nd 15/under Freestyle and 2nd 13/under 100 Freestyle); Ellison Hart (3rd 15/under backstroke); Lewis Carless (2nd 13/under backstroke and 2nd 13/under 100 Butterfly); Katie Gulliver (2nd Open backstroke and 2nd Open Freestyle); Metin Ulukus (2nd 50 Breaststroke); Becky Gulliver (2nd 13/under 100 Butterfly and 2nd 13/under 100 Freestyle); Dean Roberts (3rd Open Breaststroke); the girls 11/under Medley Team (2nd Carys Higgins, Tegan Nolan, Kadejha Cox and Kianna Hughes); the boys 13/under freestyle relay team 2nd; the girls 15/under medley relay (Ella Davies, Vicky Cox, Trearna Hart and Catrise Hart).

Coach Helen Pordage is very proud of every single member of the team, and the very vocal way they supported one another! Whether you went for one swim or may swims you are all an important part of the TEAM. Well done guys 🙂

Big thanks to all of the volunteers wh made Saturday night possible – we couldn’t have done it without you!