Coronavirus guidance

In light of the recent advice from the Government, please can you all ensure that you follow the following advice from Swim England:

“At present the Government has not closed schools or restricted school activity and therefore we do not see any reason why clubs should not continue with their training programs in their own environment within the guidelines of the facility”.  The full article can be found here:

We are following the advice from both Swim England and the facilities that we use. As of today, Pheasey Park Farm Primary School has closed their doors to external visitors (people like us), so Pheasey will not operate until further notice.

We took the decision at the weekend to cancel the Babes session due to the close nature of Teacher to swimmer in the water.

Other changes:

Please can you all practice ‘social distancing’ where possible – if watching your children swim from poolside or the balcony. Wherever possible one adult only to bring the swimmer(s) to the pool.

If either you or your child feel unwell please do NOT come swimming.

Please make sure that all swimmers shower before attending their lesson or session, and also after their lesson or session.

Please can swimmers avoid congregating in groups both before and after their swims. If they can change in a cubicle, or 2 meters away from each other this will be good.

Please encourage good hygiene to all swimmers – washing hands, keeping their hats, goggles, towels, costumes and kit clean will all help.

Parents – please encourage your child/children to do all of the above.

Currently, we feel that keeping open, whilst the pools are still open, will have a positive mental influence on the swimmers.

The advice from Beeches pool currently is as follows:

Staying Active

  • We recommend continuing with your exercise routine as this is shown to boost your immune system by up to 20%
  • If you currently do cardio workouts for over an hour we do recommend you reduce the length of time which will allow your immune system to stay at optimum levels
  • If your centre has a pool, the chlorinated water while swimming will give protection against the Coronavirus, as indicated by the Pool Water Advisory Group. This makes swimming one of the safer activities to engage in during this time