Learn to Swim the Swim England Way!

Would you like your child to learn to swim in a fun yet safe family friendly environment – then we are the club for you!

Lessons are available at Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Handsworth Leisure Centre.


From 3 years old – teachers are in the water with the children, encouraging them to play and gain confidence.


Learn to swim from stages 1 through to 5, following the Swim England Framework.

BEGINNERS LENGTHS (at Handsworth and Beeches Pools)

Beginning the journey in the ‘Big Pool’.

ADVANCED LENGTHS (at Handsworth and Beeches Pools)

Encouraging stroke and stamina development

JUNIORS (at Handsworth, Beeches and Erdington Pools)

For the younger competitive swimmers

SENIORS and MASTERS (at Handsworth, Beeches and Erdington Pools)

Contact us via 07793 560698 or email contact@pbsss.org.uk