National Arena League Round 1 – Stechford

A big Beeches well done to all of the team who swam in round 1 of this year’s National Arena League – 3rd place on the night giving us some essential Brucie Bonus points!

There were 6 wins on the night:

Katie Gulliver – Girls Open 100 Butterfly

Jamie Keyte – Boys Open 100 Backstroke

Becky Gulliver – 13/under Girls 100 Freestyle

Harvey Higgins – 13/under Boys 100 Freestyle

Jamie Keyte – Boys Open 100 Freestyle

And perhaps the most impressive of allthe ladies open 6 by 2 freestyle relay – made up of Katie Gulliver (19), Jess Jones (18), Becky Gulliver (12), Catrise Hart (12), Georgia Nugent (17) and Trearna Hart (12).

Other top 3 places on the night went to:

Jamie Keyte (200 IM); Girls 11/under freestyle relay (Carys Higgins, Kadijha Cox, Kianna Hughes and Tegan Nolan); the girls 13/under medley relay (Catrise Hart, Trearna Hart, Becky Gulliver and Carys Higgins); the boys 13/under medley relay (Ellison Hart, Harvey Higgins, Lewis Carless and Vinaye Gaddu); the ladies open medley relay team (Jess Jones, Georgia Nugent, Katie Gulliver and Becky Gulliver); the Mens Open medley relay team (Jamie Keyte, Jaime Nugent, Drew Rimmer and Steve Dunn); Harvey Higgins (13/under 100 Breast); Becky Gulliver (15/under 100 Back); Jess Jones (Open 100 Backstroke); Metin Ulukus (11/under 50 Breast); Becky Gulliver (13/under 100 Butterfly); Katie Gulliver (Open ladies 100 Free); Boys 11/under medley real team (Jacob Dunn, Callum Gibbons, Metin Ulukus and Joel Harris); the girls 13/under Free relay (Catrise Hart, Trearna Hart, Carys Higgins and Becky Gulliver); the boys 13/under Free relay (Harvey Higgins, Lewis Carless, Vinaye Gaddu and Ellison Hart).

Massive well done to every single one of the team – without you we would not have finished third on the night 🙂

Many thanks to Yvonne Rimmer, Cher Jones, Mandy Blizard, Kal Gaddu and Sarah Higgins who all helped out on the night – and congratulations to Head Coach Helen Pordage who was very happy with the result.

Here’s to round 2 on the 11th November at Hucknall!