Perry – The Mascot for next year’s Commonwealth Games :-)

We at Perry Beeches Swimming Club are loving PERRY, the newly announced Mascot for next year’s Commonwealth Games, which will be held in our very own Birmingham.

We are PROUD to share his name ๐Ÿ™‚ – This is very often what gets announced as our Team name if we are away at an open meet!

If any of you would like to take your photo with Perry, then here are some online instructions as to how to do that:


How to #PoseWithPerry using innovative augmented reality technology on a mobile phone.

  1. Head toยย to launch the #PoseWithPerry application. Perry will appear in front of you on screen, where you can adjust his size and then pose for a photo or a video. You can take a screen grab and share your #PoseWithPerry efforts on social media. Donโ€™t forget to tag @birminghamcg22
  2. #PoseWithPerry works with most modern smartphones.
  3. A #PoseWithPerry Instagram and Facebook filter is also available, allowing users to share #PoseWithPerry photos with the mascot to your own timeline.

Perry: Official Mascot of Birmingham 2022 | Birmingham 2022