Please submit your entries for the Christmas Gala by Sunday 24/11

Sunday 8th December will see this year’s Christmas Gala at Beeches Pool.

Start time approximately 14:00 – to be confirmed.

Separate entry forms for each age group this year – please see below.

Open to all swimmer 6+ who must be able to swim a length – please check with your teacher if you are not sure. Ages as at 31st December 2013 (how old the swimmer will be on that day). Please note if your child has not been timed before just put ‘no times’ on the form – thank you.

Ages 6/7: Christmas Gala 6and7 2013

Aged 8: Christmas Gala 8 2013

Aged 9: Christmas Gala 9 2013

Aged 10 and over: Christmas Gala 10 2013


Please either email your entries to or hand in at your next session. Any queries please talk to your Teacher / Coach.

A full list of entrants will be published on the website and noticeboards a week before the gala.

All entries to be submitted by no later than Sunday 24/11/13.