Reminder – Club’s Policy





PBSSS is a not for profit voluntary organisation and all its membership fees are used to provide members with pool time, insurances, and coaches and teachers training.


This policy is to explain the refund policy of the Club and is applicable to all sites where PBSSS offer training.


Cancelled/reduced training sessions:


PBSSS offers training at various venues, on different days of the week. Membership fees are not for a contracted numbers of hours of training per month, week or year and sometimes sessions are cancelled for reasons and circumstances that are beyond the control of the club.


Wherever possible, alternative extra pool time will be offered.


In general, the club operates a no refund policy unless there have been more than three consecutive weeks of cancelled training sessions with no alternative/extra sessions having been offered. Usually this will relate to a lengthy pool closure for maintenance and repair.


Swimmers leaving:


It is recognised that members may wish to leave the club from time to time. One month’s notice is required.


If a member leaves the club; there will be no refund of any fees paid during the calendar month in which they leave.


Fees will not be due for any period following their resignation if no further sessions are attended.




Swimmers occasionally miss sessions due to medical or other reasons.


The club is required to fulfil its pool hire commitments and therefore monthly fees are still payable for periods of absence, the exception to this being the swimmer having a long term injury or illness (in excess of 3 weeks).


No refunds will be made for family holiday periods.


(April 2017)